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My Thoughts On The Oscar Best Picture Race Expressed Through Super Mario Cart

Y’all, I’m so tired of seeing rankings, and ranking things, and “who do you think will win Best Picture?” ┬áIt looked for a while like Lincoln had the star advantage, ever since Zero Dark Thirty connected with that nasty red … Continue reading

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Oscarology: Or, How To Win An Office Pool

Like any respectable American institution involving winners and losers, betting on the results of the Academy Awards is part of the fun. Keeping abreast of Hollywood film industry news or, you know, watching all the nominated movies are both undoubtedly … Continue reading

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2012: A Mid-Shelf Import Beer For Movies

May we be so lucky for the Hollywood Films of 2013 to build on those of 2012. We’ve enjoyed breakthrough indie efforts from auteurs old and new, vindication of the Marvel juggernaut, the first truly wild Oscar race in a … Continue reading

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