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Oh No Film Majors’ Oscar Predictions: Part 1

As much as I might complain about Hollywood film’s annual ticket-spiking, institutional horse-race, predictions are fun, so let’s do this thing. Today I’ll begin with some the technical categories and work my way up to the major awards. Best Visual … Continue reading

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Film History Is Not Your Bitch, History

As should be pretty apparent given the number of times I ruminate on things like Spartacus and Game of Thrones, I love historical fiction.  But beyond its own charms, historical fiction has the virtue of being a gateway drug for more rigorous historical study … Continue reading

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All That Montage Allows: Spartacus Is Better Than You Think, I Swear

So I finally got around to the season premiere of Spartacus, “Enemies of Rome,” and although I had no fears of the show’s quality dipping, the climax in particular reminded me why I love this series and have vigorously defended it … Continue reading

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Ten Things About Film

10. Film is a purposeful manipulation of space and time. At least a part of its appeal is that film allows us to see a world in a way that need not be bounded by the constraints of human vision or earth physics. … Continue reading

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