About Oh No Film Majors

Oh No Film Majors is not my fault. Really.

In 2009, your humble author was an unsuspecting nerd, armed only with a ratty copy of Dubliners and the ability to recite the Kings and Queens of England on command, who was looking forward to studying English and History in college, writing that comparison between the romances of King Arthur and  myths surrounding the leaders of the Confederacy as her thesis, and legally purchasing lots of alcohol in the process of both.Then I took a film class, fell in academic ecstasy with it, and met a group of likeminded cinephiles who talk about visual narrative media pretty much all the time. It’s gotten to the point where if a civilian happens to casually walk up, en media res of an impassioned rant on the brilliant, gradual development of the Casino Royale score, or the impenetrable arrogance of Goddard’s histoire du cinema, or Gene Kelly’s fabulous ass…”oh no, film majors…” has become the unmistakable shade of dismay I can read on their faces.

Cut to 2013. Now, armed only with a BA in Film Studies and a shiny new HBO GO subscription, determined to save enough for grad school without having to actually labor in any industry that involves interacting with “people,” I’ve learned a little HTML and decided to practice by doing the things I’m doing the majority of my time: talking film and TV. Some posts are actually conversations, transcribed from facebook, email, or maybe even vocal chords, and in these I’ve changed the names of the participants in a rather obvious, (and I hope) amusing way.  Expect other things as the blog develops: reviews, fantasy casts, theoretical musings, rants, maybe even a dissertation on the relationship of a romantic chivalric past in the death of King Arthur and the fall of the Confederacy. We’ll see. But if you’ve actually reached the bottom of the page, (‘sup, google analytics), hi there and welcome!

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