Oh No Film Majors’ Oscar Predictions: Part 3

We’re under an hour to go, so very quickly, here we go.

Best Cinematography

Who To Bet On: Life of Pi. Yeah, you know that whole defining how 3D can be used not just as gimmickry but as an discrete cinematic device integral to the experience of a film thing? It’s kind of a big deal.

Who To Support: Skyfall. Shanghai fight sequence. Roger Deakins. The colors! The colours!

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Skyfall. I mean, I personally love Sheamus McGarvey and Anna Karenina is pretty spectacular, even if it doesn’t come off. But it’s between Pi and Skyfall, and it’d be a pleasant surprise if it was Skyfall. 

Best Editing

Who To Bet On: Argo. It’s a taught film, man. Good timing of things. A thriller. Meh.

Who To Support: Zero Dark Thirty. It’s a bit unfair, in both directions, to judge ZDT by its raid sequences, but DID YOU SEE THE RAID SEQUENCE? It is textbook perfect tension. 

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Silver Linings Playbook. No one cares a whole lot about editing, so votes can be scattered around, and people do seem to love Silver Linings

Best Score

Who To Bet On: Life of Pi. Mychael Danna’s put in a lot of great work and the variety of instrumental influence at play in Pi is certainly in his favor.

Who To Support: Life of Pi. Yeah, all the choices are pretty fine on their own, and do what they’re supposed to in the film, so Pi is legit.

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Beasts of the Southern Wild. Score is the category Beasts has the most chance to win. It will not win. But this is their shot.

Best Song

Who To Bet On: Skyfall. The Academy wants to see Adele high-five Daniel Craig and be awesome.

Who To Support: Skyfall. We ALL want to see Adele high-five Daniel Craig and be awesome.

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Skyfall. Do you even know who else is nominated? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Best Original Screenplay

Who To Bet On: Zero Dark Thirty. It’s a choice between a rock and hard place with Django and ZDT, but regardless of what you think about the movie, it’s structured cleanly and clinically, and is the classiest choice.

Who To Support: Moonrise Kingdom. Because it should win something, damnit. It’s a pretty decent Wes Anderson flick, and anything to not support Flight

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Django Unchained. It’s wordy like Lincoln  but shit blows up! Whooo? 

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who To Bet On: Argo. Writers have tended to be a little more hipster, rewarding non-Oscarbait when it can. Lincoln is the only other choice of merit and it’s a little too Important.

Who To Support: Lincoln. It’s Important for a reason, y’all. They get Abraham Lincoln right.

Spoiler To Mention So You Still Look Smart: Silver Linings Playbook. I say this because I don’t understand the love for SLP and Oscars often go to films whose appeal I don’t understand.  

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