Live Action Incredibles Fantasy Cast: It’s What Happens When You Think About Disney’s Franchise Acquisitions For Too Long

Major Hollywood film industry players are funny things. Once upon a time, MGM could get paid for ‘loaning’ Clark Gable around, and had stars like Katherine Hepburn, Judy Garland, Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracey, and well over sixty big name stars under contract, to do with what they would. Disney these days seems be collecting franchise-heavy studios like Pokemon: with the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, they now own the rights to do with Luke Skywalker, Wall-E, and Iron Man whatever they want. As a film studies major friend pointed out to me, there really isn’t anything stopping them from moving The Incredibles into the continuity of the Marvel Film Universe. This – unless they decided to get super trippy – would necessitate a live-action cast. Well, Disney development team, I’m about to make it a whole lot easier for that cadre of screenwriters you inevitably hire:

Bob Parr

film studies

Bryan Cranston.

Why? Because, really, this is the logical next step from his work on both Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle. While Cranston may not physically resemble Pixar!Bob too closely,  Cranston could completely own his frustrations over the suffocating mediocrity of suburban life and fiersome drive to protect his family.

Helen Parr

film scores

Keri Russell

Why? Because as much as I’m intrigued by The Americans, she’ll have time over the summer to do other things; I haven’t liked one of her movies since Waitress and I really like her. I need this one, and she’s totally got the overstressed mom thing down.

Violet Parr

film studies

Maisie Williams

Why? Because she too will have time off from Game of Thrones and unless that Tywin/Arya spin off wherein they fight crime and then gets beers and talk about life is going to happen, she needs to be in more things. I’ve seen her play snippy, but it’d also be nice to see her stretch out into a slightly different breed of badass.

Dash Parr

cinema studies

Tom Holland

Why? Because he was the best thing about The Impossible, including the incredible CGI tsunami. We know he can run, and he and Maisie are both Irish, so they’ll have plenty to bond over. Just switch their ages for the live-action version, no one will remember, it’ll be cool.

Jack Jack Parr

 hollywood film

An awesome CGI toddler.

Why? Oh sure, they’ll hire a passell of tripplets, but this is Jack Jack. Most of what happens with him has to be FX work.

Lucius Best


Samuel L. Jackson

Why? Because, motherfucker.


film studies

Fran Kranz

Why? Kranz has come to the fore of the geek consciousness through joining Joss Whedon’s stock company, with roles in Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods, and Much Ado About NothingWe know he can be nerdy, funny, and vulnerable enough for Syndrome, but it would be fantastic for him to get the same chance Alan Tudyk did and really play evil.

Edna Mode


Benedict Cumberbatch

Why: Edna Mode, when we come right down to it, is totally a sassy British man named Benedict Cumberbatch. Plus, he’s already familiar with the Mo-Cap technology we’ll need to make this happen. Plus, we need to make this happen.

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