Fantasy Casting: Game Of Thrones Season 4

In honor of the new Production Video released on HBO, let’s look ahead to the new troupe that’ll replace all the poor bastards dying in Season 3.

Euron Greyjoy

film studies

Mads Mikkelsen

Physical Description in the Book: Euron is pale and handsome with black hair and a dark beard. He wears a patch over his left eye, and is nicknamed “Crow’s Eye”.

Size of the Part: Large and longterm, although probably not for more than five episodes in the upcoming seasons. It’s definitely a character the showrunners should feel comfortable burning some of their salary cap to get a big-name player.

Why Mikkelsen: He’s bona-fide, as an out and out terror (Valhalla Rising), a conniving menace (Casino Royale), and as effective manipulator (A Royal Affair). Mikkelsen’s recent successes in the Hollywood film industry, however, plants him firmly on the wish-list end of this list.

Victarion Greyjoy


Ray Stevensen

Physical Description in the Books: Victarion is a large and powerful man, wearing plate armor in combat and wielding a cruel axe. He wears a helm in the shape of a kraken.

Size of the Part: POV character, so definitely a major player, especially in later seasons once he sets sail.

Why Stevensen: He’s an HBO vet who’s recent work hasn’t really given him anything as close as good as Titus Pullo. Hopefully HBO can lure him back to the network with a darker spin on a character just as nuanced.

Aeron Greyjoy the Damphair


John Hawkes

Physical Description in the Book: Aeron is tall and thin with fierce black eyes and a beak of a nose.

Size of the Part: Not that huge, likely. Depending on how much time the series spends on the Kingsmoot, it could easily abridge or composite the role that Aeron plays. If they do go ahead and keep the character, they’ll want an actor who can make a splash.

Why Hawkes: He’s physically pretty perfect for it, and has already displayed the fervor of a charismatic zelot in Martha Marcy May Marlene. He was on Deadwood, too. Maybe we’ll get luck and Nina Gold calls him up one weekend when he’s got nothing to do. This is a super fantastical choice, however, as they’ll likely not want to spend enough on the part to attract him.

Oberyn Martell The Red Viper


Oscar Issac

Physical Description in the Book: Oberyn has a lined face, black “viper” eyes and a sharp nose. His hair is lustrous and black with only a few silver streaks and recedes from his brow into a widow’s peak.

Size of the Part: This is a 4 episode commitment, tops. But Oberyn gets one of the most memorable scenes in the book.

Why Isaac: Issac is a good all-around choice, with his fair share of period work to his credit  and some recent success that would make him a ‘name’ worth attracting. However, he’s another actor they’d have to spend to get.

Arianne Martell

film studies

Zuleikha Robinson

Description in the Books: Arianne is buxom and beautiful, with olive skin, large dark eyes, and long black hair that falls in ringlets to the middle of her back. Favoring her mother, she is short, standing at five foot two.

Size of the Part: Very likely, Arianne will stand in for Ellaria Sand when Oberyn goes to Kings Landing, and as a POV character, play a significant role in future seasons.

Why Robinson: She also has some serious premium cable credits to her name, and a history with HBO from Rome, the show that keeps on giving cast members to Game of Thrones. She could easily play the plotting daughter, and I’d like her to jump from the Homeland ship before it sinks.

Mace Tyrell


Anthony Stewart Head

Physical Description in the Books: He is handsome and a once powerful looking man, but has since turned to fat. He has curly brown hair and cuts his beard into a triangular shape that has white spots within it

Size of the Part: It’s up in the air, especially since the show nabbed the venerable Diana Rigg for the Queen of Thornes, who could just as easily act as the head of the Tyrells in Mace’s place.

Why Head: Because Giles. He’s a Britisher with extensive TV credits and the chops to play  Mace as tedious or as passionately supportive of his daughter’s ambitions as the show wants.

Randyll Tarly

cinema studies

David O’Hara

Physical Description in the Books: He is a lean and balding man with a short, bristly grey beard.

Size of the Part: It’s a solid supporting role, although not really until subsequent seasons.

Why O’Hara: The man has premium experience as a bellicose warlord on The Tudors, and the part is fit for a skilled character actor already ready to work in Belfast.

Taena Merryweather


Katrina Law

Physical description in the Books: She is an extremely beautiful and shapely woman with black hair and large, dark eyes.

Size of the Part: Small in season 4, but as Cercei’s main confederate, she’ll be very important going forward.

Why Law: Physically she looks the part, and Law’s turn as Mira on Spartacus started as coy as Taena yet developed in surprising directions: she ended her run full of great intensity and frankness above and beyond the sultry wiles called for here.

Brown Ben Plumm


Giancarlo Esposito

Physical Description in the Books: Ben is described as “an older man”, tall and still fit. He has a broad face, brown skin, a broken nose and nappy grey/white hair. He has a salt and pepper beard.

Size of the Part: Frankly, it’s a little too small to tempt Esposito, especially after much bigger roles on Breaking Bad and Revolution. But…maybe he’s always wanted to go to Morocco?

Why Esposito: Did I mention Breaking Bad? Did I mention that? Tell me Gus isn’t the perfect mercenary for a Mother of Dragons.

Can Play Any of the Above Parts, including probably Taena.


Peter Mullan

Why Mullan: A solid character actor able to be gotten for perhaps a bit less than some of the bigger names on this list, I could see him suiting for Mace, Aeron, or perhaps even Randyll Tarly. As he’s coming off a bunch of movies due out in 2013, now might be the perfect time for him to jump over to American TV.

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